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English Chamber Orchestra
Lead Belly Fest
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Van Morrison
Dom Martin
Rainer Hersch Orchestra

Web Gig Live is a production company specialising in producing, filming and streaming, multi-camera live video for concerts - rock, jazz, classical or pop.   


We are a one-stop solution, fully capable of handling the whole process from concept to show time including filming, lighting, audio, editing as well as recording and post production if required. 


Live production means that your video is being fully-produced while the event is happening, usually involving switching between multiple cameras. This video can then be shared via projectors at a venue, internet streaming, or recorded for later distribution. 


Because the video is effectively being edited on-the-spot, you don't have to wait weeks or days for a finished product. It's like live TV, but with your content under your direction and control.


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