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Wedding Live Streaming

Wedding Live Streaming
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Why Live Stream?

Well, you can invite everyone, for a start!


Whether you choose to get married in an exotic location or have loved ones who simply can't attend, there are many reasons why you may want to live stream your wedding celebration.

For example, sometimes numbers are restricted at a church or register office, but then you wish many people to attend the evening party who will not have seen the ceremony itself. Live streaming allows everyone to view the wedding service as it happens on the day.


Live-streaming is easier than ever, allowing you to share the most special moments of your wedding with loved ones near and far.

-  Live Stream Pricing  -

OPTION 1 - £595.00


The simplest setup enabling you to share this personal moment with the ones who mean the most.


This package includes: 


1 Camera Operator. 


1x Full HD broadcast quality camera (normally placed at the rear of the venue)


Our high-speed internet connection to ensure a steady live stream. 


Private Video Link for family and friends to share with each other on booking.


An unlimited number of viewers.


Recording of the ceremony.

OPTION 2 - £795.00


Ideal for those who require streaming from multiple locations, for example, church and photos outside. 


This package includes: 

Everything in Option 1 plus an additional location. 

2x Full HD broadcast quality cameras for different angles - for example a close shot of the lectern and a wide shot of the venue. The operator will switch between these as appropriate. 

OPTION 1 - Custom

If neither option 1 nor 2 meet your needs.   


This is a bespoke package built from the ground up to suit you. We cater to all requirements..

Please fill in the contact form below detailing any additional services you would like and we will work on a tailored package to suit your specific requirements.

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